Felician ABSN Review: The Program’s Impact on Students

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Are you wondering, “Is Felician University a good school?” Don’t take our word for it. Hear Felician ABSN reviews from our students. They explain what makes Felician stand out from admissions to coursework, all the way to a successful nursing career.

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At Felician University, we are proud of our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Students in the ABSN program know that they made the right decision to apply. If you are wondering, “is Felician University a good school?” look no further as Jennifer and Rachell give Felician University nursing reviews. They share their perspectives as nursing students, discuss some of the main components of the ABSN program and explore how their education equipped them for a nursing career.

Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Overview

Before exploring what makes Felician University unique, it is important to understand what an ABSN program is and how it differs from a traditional BSN program. Felician’s 16-month hybrid ABSN program contains the same level of education as a traditional BSN track but is achievable within a shorter time frame. It is designed for non-nursing students with at least 60 credits and those who have already completed a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. With Felician, you can make the switch and earn a BSN in as few as 16 months, rather than spending four years in a traditional bachelor’s program.

Felician offers an excellent curriculum. Combined with your experiences in labs and clinical placements, the curriculum will prepare you for a long-lasting and successful career in nursing.

Admissions Process

At Felician, you will receive help throughout the entirety of your program. This support begins with admissions. As Jennifer reflects:

They helped me all along the way. I even became friends with my admissions counselor.

This individualized experience is vital to the admissions journey, which can be a stressful experience. Your admissions counselor will guide you from completing your prerequisite courses to the moment you submit your application.

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In-Person and Online Coursework Options

Because Felician University offers both in-person and hybrid ABSN program options, you have the flexibility to decide what works best for you. For Jennifer, this meant doing her coursework at night. “I can watch lectures in my own time. I can do things during the day but still get to do school at night, so that really helped work with my schedule,” she said. “Felician helped me get back into school.”

Rachell also chose to take advantage of the hybrid online option. She appreciated the accessibility of staff, despite being online. “Everybody was just a click away, an email away, and I feel like Felician just really helped cultivate me as a nurse and helped push me out into the field.”

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Nursing Skills and Simulation Labs

Another component of the ABSN program is our nursing labs, which the students highly recommend. Jennifer said, “The first time working with a manikin is a little surreal. They do talk back to you, they have blood pressure, they have a heartbeat, they have lung sounds. It is a little strange but you get used to it. It really is great practice for working with real people.”

At Felician, we have high-fidelity manikins that provide an additional level of realism during lab sessions. They allow students to smoothly transfer from practice scenarios to working with patients in clinical placements and later working as a nurse. Rachell says that the high-tech manikins “made the live experience so much easier to transition into.”

She continues:

I thought it was just great, the fact that they have high fidelity versus other programs where they may have low fidelity. That extra investment — with the manikin talking to you and you see its chest moving, you see its eyes moving — is so great.

Felician takes its investment in students seriously and, as such, we prioritize investing in students through our skills and simulation labs.

Clinical Rotations

Clinical placements are an excellent opportunity to develop your skills in nursing practice, surrounded by professional nurses who want to help you grow. Many students express how clinical placements impacted their nursing school experiences. They were Jennifer’s favorite part of the program: “I have been to med surg floors, psych floors, pediatrics and labor and delivery. It was really exciting. I have seen a baby being born. I have performed a lot of the skills that I have done here in our lab on manikins on real people. It really gives you a better idea of the day-to-day of nursing.”

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The format of clinical placements changes in your last rotation. Rachell said, “When we do our last clinical, we get to basically just shadow our own nurse by ourselves and do everything by ourselves, and it really just felt like, ‘I’m a nurse.’” During this time, you will collaborate with a nurse preceptor, who will mentor you in your transition to becoming a fully trained nurse.

Networking for the Future

As you transition from nursing school into your career, networking and putting yourself out there can seem intimidating or out of reach. Rachell noticed during her clinical placements that many other nurses were Felician graduates:

I started looking for jobs and quite often I did see that a lot of previous graduates had gone on to work at very important hospitals, and they’re bringing in recruiters to make sure that we’re able to get a good job once we do finish here, so that was really great for them to offer.

At Felician, we want you to be successful during our program and after you graduate as well. The success of Felician nursing alumni bears testimony to our dedication to this.

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Getting Started with Felician University

Whatever your reason for choosing nursing, there is a place for you at Felician University. Jennifer shares that she “wanted to have more hands-on experience helping people and nursing was the way to do that.” For Rachell, getting into nursing quickly was her highest priority. She said “I want to be a nurse now; I want to go help now. And that’s the reason I chose Felician.”

Take it from Jennifer, who says in her Felician ABSN review:

If you’re thinking about going into nursing, I would definitely check out Felician University’s ABSN program in New Jersey.

Are you ready to get started with the Felician ABSN program? Contact us today to speak with an admissions counselor who will help you take your first steps towards a degree in nursing.