Onsite and Online ABSN Coursework

Our ABSN coursework lays the foundation for your education, focusing on the fundamentals of the profession. You essentially take the concepts from your coursework and convert them into psychomotor skills during your hands-on nursing labs and clinical rotations.

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As you prepare to enroll in our ABSN program, you have the option to complete your studies online or in the classroom. No matter which course modality you choose, you’ll receive the same accelerated nursing education taught by supportive faculty.

Our ABSN coursework helps instill the skills and confidence needed to become a leader in your nursing career. With the help of our dedicated instructors and their wealth of experience and knowledge, you will learn essential nursing theory and practice, preparing you to excel in your education and career.

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Online ABSN Coursework Option

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If you want to complete your fundamental coursework online, you must enroll in our 16-month Hybrid ABSN program in Parsippany, New Jersey.

While online ABSN coursework brings a level of flexibility to the learning process in terms of when and where you complete your studies, you still need to meet all of the assignment deadlines.

Classroom Coursework Option

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If you want to complete your fundamental coursework in the classroom, you must enroll in our 16-month On-Ground ABSN program in Rutherford, New Jersey.

By choosing this option, you must come to campus on a set schedule.

Online vs. Classroom Learning

When trying to choose the best coursework option for you, consider how you collect, organize, and retain information best. It also helps to identify your learning style and study habits. Because while the nursing courses are the same, how you experience the content is different.

Generally speaking, the most successful Hybrid ABSN students are organized, good time managers and have a lot of self-discipline. If you like structure and need someone to hold you accountable, our On-Ground ABSN program might be the better option for you.

Is the Hybrid ABSN program 100% online?

No. Though it’s possible to learn nursing theory via online coursework, nursing is a hands-on profession, making hands-on practice a crucial component of your education. Our accelerated nursing program combines the convenience of online learning with in-person skills and simulation labs and clinical rotations through Atlantic Health System and other area hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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