Nursing Skills and Simulation Labs

Becoming a nurse takes more than just learning nursing concepts. It takes hands-on practice. Felician University’s state-of-the-art skills and simulation labs build on what you’re learning in your coursework, providing you with a safe, risk-free place to practice so that you enter clinicals — and the nursing profession — ready to change lives.

Skills Labs

Before you can jump in and perform a life-saving procedure, you need to have a thorough mastery of basic nursing techniques. Skills labs afford you the opportunity to hone essential nursing skills like checking vital signs and inserting a catheter or IV — and in a realistic environment using medical simulators and advanced medical equipment just like you’ll find in hospitals and health centers around the country.

Simulation Labs

Felician nursing simulation demonstration

Of course, while basic nursing skills are essential, you have to be able to apply critical thinking to solve problems, figure out what is going on with a patient and respond to situations that can change rapidly. Simulation labs immerse you in life-like care situations, forcing you to make decisions based on everything you’ve learned and observed.

In nursing simulation labs you’ll treat high-tech medical manikins that can simulate a number of medical conditions and scenarios with startling accuracy — they can even talk and experience allergic reactions — and in a setting that feels every bit like a real hospital. This could mean treating someone with diabetes, reacting to a patient who has gone into cardiac arrest or delivering a baby.

Immediately following these simulated exercises, you’ll meet with your lab instructors and classmates to debrief, giving you the opportunity to learn valuable lessons about what you did right and wrong. These debriefs not only provide you with insights into your own thinking and reactions; they allow your instructors to tailor future exercises, lessons, and discussions around areas where you and your cohort need help.

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